Week 2

This week our team focused on research methods. Research methods are very new to me. I didn’t know anything about research methods except for formulating a hypothesis and testing the hypothesis.  From the readings, I learned about cognitive walkthrough, heuristic evaluation, and model-based evaluation. 

Anna met with us to go over our schedule. She discussed with the group what we should be expecting over the next few weeks.  A timeline is needed to keep us on track, as well as research questions so that we can answer important questions that will help shape our prototype. To be continued for week 2!


The first week of interning at Praxik, I was immersed in research. On our first day, Anna revealed our client (The Science Museum of Minnesota) and made clear what we were to accomplish this week. Several articles were assigned which we started reading immediately. Midday each intern discussed their goals with the team. This was our first assignment due before our first meeting. During this discussion, I reevaluated my goals, some goals were unrealistic, some misdirected. Anna introduced us to augmented reality. Throughout the week, the assigned articles started to give me a clearer picture of what to expect, and what information our group should gather to create a prototype. Research is an extremely valuable part of this process. I feel that there is so much to learn. It will be essential to keep researching throughout the project, as familiarizing myself with terms and concepts will need repeated exposure to understand what the most beneficial information for designing the process and prototype.