Week 2

This week our team focused on research methods. Research methods are very new to me. I didn’t know anything about research methods except for formulating a hypothesis and testing the hypothesis.  From the readings, I learned about cognitive walkthrough, heuristic evaluation, and model-based evaluation. 

Anna met with us to go over our schedule. She discussed with the group what we should be expecting over the next few weeks.  A timeline is needed to keep us on track, as well as research questions so that we can answer important questions that will help shape our prototype.

On June 14th, Thursday, I was able to attend a UXPA meeting because Anna gave me her ticket. I was excited to go but did not know what to expect. The meeting was held in Minneapolis. Code 42, a software company, hosted the event. A few of the code 42 employees were able to discuss their experiences during the software creation process. Since, their software backs up and recovers data, the theme of the UXPA meeting was security. 

Multiple interesting points came up regarding the difficulties of their project. Personas were hard to nail down, there was backtracking, and security professionals had little time to spare for them. One point brought up, was that, you aren't just selling to the user, but also the buyer, and while designing you have to take that into consideration. Not everyone will be able to navigate the same interface.