Week 3: June 14th - 20th

Friday, June 15th, our team had the opportunity to interview Jeff Johnson. On the video call we asked Jeff questions from a list that we prepared. I was excited to hear what Jeff had to say. He had so many tips and scenarios that he was able to provide us with. I wanted to ask him so many more questions, but felt so lucky to have the information he provided us with. He had great points to make, one being always keeping the eyes of a new user so that you don't become comfortable with the design and overlook the flaws.

On Tuesday June 19th, Sandy and I met up early  to have another look at our research questions. Although the questions seemed strong,  there were some we had to eliminate because they were already answered through our research or in  documents provided by the Science Museum. 

Anna helped us by identifying our questions as exploratory. She also noted that we did not have an overarching question. Sandy and I brainstormed to identify a strong overarching question and then wiped out  the rest of the questions we had except 3. From there, we reworked our questions, and started to explore the idea of using a survey.

I am trying to learn about how to navigate and create mock-ups in Adobe XD. Anna informed us this is something that we need to start getting familiar with. The videos Adobe provides on XD helped me understand the layout of the program, as well as what it can do in it. I noticed that I was intimidated when faced with a blank board, but I am hoping to find creative ways to work in the program.