Week 4: June 21th - June 27th

Thursday June 21st – Group Meeting. As a team, we re-worked and solidified questions that would structure how we gathered our observation data. Some questions were cancelled out due to information received from the science museum. Even after cancelling those out, there were several questions left over. Some pertaining to emotions, others how people interacted, and some regarding time in each exhibit area. In the end, we narrowed our questions based on correlated concept. At the end of the day it was discussed who wanted to learn coding. I definitely want to learn coding. I have no idea if I would be good at it or not, but I really want to take the opportunity to learn when I can.

Sunday the 24th - Observations. Observations day. Liam, Carson, Shreyas, Sandy and I met at the science museum for observations. We split up, each working on a particular set of data. I was timing each family at the different displays. Only after a couple of observations did I notice a pattern. The rest of my team spotted it too. Depending on what side the guests entered the exhibit, they, for the most part, had a similar path through the exhibit. I took additional notes, and was able to watch the habits of particular age groups, and listen to some of the reasons they decided to leave the exhibit. All of this information I thought would be useful to our prototype.

This week we focused on our professional resumes. As an introduction, Anna displayed her CV with airdrop on a large screen. We were all able to look at her CV and explain what we saw, what was unique. Her CV was so developed, meticulously put together, and informative. It made me realize that it would take me many years to accumulate a CV that was barely similar, let alone, understand where my resources were to do so. Anna gave us useful tips on CV development. Tips such as updating your resumes and CVs on all platforms, not just one. To update as frequently as possible. For example, our internship. We should have already included this in our resumes.