Week 6: July 5th - July 11th

Thursday, July 5th. The interns had a video chat to discuss the prototype. It was a late call, and we realized it was best that we separate and work independently. We wanted to meet up in person, but by the end of the discussion, it was clear that we all had to narrow our focus on our individual tasks.

Friday, July 6th. Today we were lucky enough to host Ali Biro from LymanDoran. Ali’s visit to the Praxik office was to inform us about how we could improve our LinkedIn profiles. Since I am new to LinkedIn, I listened very closely. All the advice she gave was super helpful.  Ali had a warm personality, and she was easy to follow. Her advice was very transparent. She expanded on the importance of a clear heading, and how you can use a summary to your advantage. Other tips included the use of bullet points, what to exclude from your LinkedIn, and whom to include in your network. 

Thursday, July 11th. This was our day to revisit the science museum. We were all a little anxious as we had to present the prototype. As I sat at the meeting table I noticed that there were more people joining us - Annie, Trygve, and Manuel. We had some cord issues at first, but once resolved, Liam leaped in right away to explain our prototype. The meeting was overall a success. I felt that everyone, including those who joined in today, had so much input. The museum team was so innately creative and thoughtful.

During the week I read more swift tutorials and watched videos, the basics seem too simple, but I know it will get difficult very quickly.

One important topic that came up during the week was museum lighting. We were informed that AR can only work in well-light areas. This was something that never occurred to us. The paleo exhibit is rather dim, so for our next museum visit, we set aside 30 minutes to scout out lighting. 

In the meantime, I worked on the weekly blog and prepped for my 1 on 1 meeting with Anna.