Week 7: July 12th - 18th

July 12th was a very busy day this week, not only was it the day that we had our group meeting, but also the day for Minnedemo 29.

That morning we questioned the flow of our apps. One app is for those without access to AR, and the other for those who can access AR on their personal devices. As a team we worked out the different steps, what would happen at each step, and what that screens would look like. We developed both paths in between meeting with Anna for our 1 on 1's.

The 1 on 1 meetings were planned in advance as a check-in point for each of us. Although I had millions of questions, I tried to narrow it down to questions regarding my near future. The meeting went well, yet the stress from the project started to weight in. I wanted to work on all aspects of the project, but this was not realistic. The readings and videos I watched about swift were not coming together for me, and I hoped this would clear up in the coming weeks.

It was raining very hard in the evening. The final minutes of my 1 and 1 with Anna were  pushing against the time that we had to leave for Minnedemo 29. Due to the rain, most of the team decided to head back home. Sandy and I decided we would go ahead and attend anyway. I was really impressed by the event. The people were very excitable, friendly, and interesting. It was well-coordinated and well-staffed. The presentation were inspiring. I definitely want to continue attending these events.

During this week I mainly tried to understand swift. As I am reading basic information about the program I am having a hard time understanding where it will apply, I also feel like this is going to be very challenging.