Week 8: July 19th - July 25th

Wednesday, July 18th - I met with Shreyas at the office to discuss the coding aspect of the project. We planned a cram session.  Taking the  information we learned, we started on the visual side of the application. We pulled the visual piece of the app together, but with some trial and error. The most difficult part was trying to understand AR implementation, camera access, how to read a QR code, and 3D models. I googled this stuff for hours and I am  still completely lost. There was not one video or tutorial with a decent explanation. Shreyas and I stayed in the office very late. Hopefully I can better understand this when Charlie comes back into the office.

On Thursday it was a very busy day. We interviewed Jonathan Lazar and met with John Golden of Crux Collaborative. They had such great feedback for our projects. I felt very lucky that we got to interview both of them. Jonathan brought a really interesting point forward. His advice was to get to know the people you will be working with, in a more personal way, as in understanding their sensitive points, what pet peeves they have and what they like etc. This really makes sense, not only should you get to know users in this way, but also the ones you will be working closely with. 

John Golden walked us through the process that Crux Collaborative uses. His suggestions were great, which ultimately led us to initiate a redesign after our meeting. He described how we should not lead the user directly. We want the user to make mistakes to see where the real problems are. 

This week was very beneficial for us.