week 5: June 28th - July 4th

Thursday -  Best Buy Headquarters. This week we started off by visiting Best Buy Headquarters. Fred Beecher, Senior Manager of Experience Design Operations,  was kind enough to guide us through the building and speak informatively about UX at Best Buy and how it might relate to what UX might look like in the future for us. I realized that I didn't know all different user experience roles that existed. It was so helpful and a bit overwhelming. I just wanted to dive in and learn more about each of these UX roles, but we were running on a tight schedule already. We were guided through multiple floors where we meet with two different teams. Again, so much information! I thought everything was interesting and very inspiring. I am very excited to pursue UX.

This week we nailed down ideas for the prototype and defined our roles for the upcoming weeks. Our concepts had goals such as socially engaging, age inclusive, and accomplishable for our time frame. We need to be able to build it quickly and test it quickly. We listed features that we wanted to explore and ran them by the Praxik team. Some features such as animation and location-based AR would be more difficult. From here, we started to define roles and work with what was realistic for the time we do have. My focus will be on swift. I am cramming information about swift so that I can learn how to code this app. I have to relinquish other responsibilities to do this, but I am grateful for this opportunity to learn something new.

Now that our roles are more defined, I am focused on understanding the resources that Praxik provided. I will need additional material since this is very new to me. On the 4th and 5th, I spent the majority of my time bouncing between different materials. Charlie helped me with the concepts I couldn't understand. He is very patient with me, especially since I speak pure alien and am super awkward.