Week ten, our final week, I stayed up late most nights trying to make the mobile application perfect. I was determined to replicate the final prototype by our presentation date. Small details in sizing, color and positioning were now my primary focus. It was amazing how much time could be spent on these changes. Repositioning the UI elements over and over started to seem excessive but I needed them to be as perfect as possible. 

The day of our presentation I was extremely nervous as I was concerned about presenting. I am usually not the best at speaking in front of people. Luckily we had a demo in the paleo exhibit beforehand. I loved interacting with the staff and guests. The children had so much fun and took to the applications well. We instantly saw some struggling with application navigation that we didn't expect. Shreyas was able to implement some quick changes during the demo that would alleviate those issues.

Our presentation went great. The audience was attentive and afterward asked many questions. We guided the audience downstairs to test the applications. There was so much to talk about, so many more questions and ideas, it was inspiring to hear the feedback and suggestions. I really had a whirlwind of a time.