Although I am getting the visual side of Xcode figured out, I spent most of this week upset that I didn't understand the coding part still. The feedback I have received from others is that it will take a long while to learn Xcode. I can definitely see why. Charlie implemented some coding into my app as well as some notes to work with. I really want to figure this part out, but I am still a bit lost. Due to the new prototype I had to import all the new assets and create new constraints for those objects. I enjoyed this part because the design was much more sleek and consistent. All week I worked on the redesign along with googling the code part to death.

By Thursday I was able to finish the app without the QR code and dinosaur recognition functionality. We were ready to present to the museum and it felt so good to get to this point. On that Thursday though it did not go well. We were getting several different error codes coupled with a million password requests. Even though I saw all these error messages appear, I knew this was good. We could fix this so it doesn’t happen again.