Week 2


During our second team meeting at the beginning of this week, we met a new team member - Liam! We also began work with our personal blogs, which you can follow by clicking on the intern photographs up above.

This week, we had new readings that were focused around understand the research questions, research methods, and the connection between the two. Empirical questions help us understand what the client needs and what the parameters of the project are. By asking the right questions & employing the proper evaluation method, we can better apply the research methodologies that could best help the client / product. Our last reading was focused around ethical concerns - how do we conduct research without leading the user to our preferred answer and without compromising the integrity of the research process.

In the first client meeting, we asked open-ended questions to provide us with qualitative understanding of the project parameters & quantitative information that could help us set definitive goals (i.e. the visitor attends for x more minutes). With the new information we learnt in week 2, we can take the next step to identifying the correct methodologies & questions to ask for User Research.

This week, we also spent some time learning Adobe XD in order to help jumpstart our prototyping and brainstorming process. By using the actual software, none of us have to jump through hoops to clarify our ideas.

In the meantime, check out Praxik social media to check out the team at NeoCon, an excellent event for the commercial design industry in Chicago.