Week 3


This week, we interviewed Jeff Johnson, a UI professional who gave us insights to help us with our project. We learned that you need to have the ability to view a system from the user’s perspective, you should have an understanding of where the user is coming from, and being a good designer means testing your design to make sure it’s good.

Our readings for this week were the first two chapters of Donald Norman’s book, The Psychology of Everyday Things. The chapters focused on the important principles of good design, which were visibility, good mappings, and feedback. We read Jeff’s article on conceptual models as well to get a better understanding of conceptual models and its benefits.

During the weekly team meeting, we learned about exploratory and confirmatory research. We ultimately decided to focus on exploratory research during our upcoming visit to the Science Museum, where we will be conducting observations.

There were two project related tasks the team completed this week, which was making alterations to the timeline and finalizing research questions for our upcoming visit. Half the team focused on the timeline while the other half focused on refining the research questions and creating observation tables. We came up with an overarching research question and three observation questions. Observation tables were created for visiting behavior, time, and social interaction that will be used to record data during our visit at the museum this Sunday.