Week 1


Week one was comprised of initial meetings, scheduling and research. Aside from brief online introductions, the team met each other for the first time and was introduced to the Praxik space. We all planned out calendars to ensure we had a collaborative meeting at least once a week, and planned out a few more meetings such as our initial client meeting as well as a meeting with an industry professional, after we discussed our goals and ambitions regarding this project and our future careers.

Each intern was assigned readings to better understand our client and UX research, noting possible keywords that could assist in future research. Many resources were assigned to all interns, as this knowledge was essential for us all to know, but a chunk of the readings was divided by the team, requiring each of us to take notes so we could later exchange this information.

After completing our research, we created and compiled methods and questions that would gather us the most relevant information regarding our project when we discussed the opportunity with the Science Museum of Minnesota on Monday, June 4.

During the client meeting, we met with Mark, the VP of the exhibits, Bryan, the Director of Media Design, and Elias, their graphic designer, to discuss the project in detail. We began by visiting the museum’s IMAX theatre to view an engineering film, giving us insight into the possibilities of ingenuity we could work into our project.

After the film, we toured the museum, viewing the paleo exhibit while speaking with the client about current positives and negatives of the atmosphere, and how we could help improve the space with AR. At the paleo exhibit, we met with Liza, the Project leader and Paleo expert to learn more specific information about the entire paleo exhibit.  Thanks to our questions we had previously prepared, we were able to gather all the information we needed to further research the project (and we got to interact with a few of the exhibits :).

Big thanks to Mark, Bryan, Elias, and Liza for all your help! We are SO excited to work with all of you!