Week 5


Prototyping Stage. Week five is where we really narrowed our focus. Being knowledgeable and efficient is crucial at this stage because we will be creating our first prototype. At Praxik, the team sat down to discuss different augmented reality solutions and how they would fulfill our goals for this project. We brainstormed concepts on the whiteboard such as location-based AR, animations, interactive players, and AR guides. As ideas are generated, some are shot down, just due to limitations, but we are positive about the work we can do and have the ingenuity to find a workaround or learn quickly. For instance, none of us know animation very well, but it appealed to us. We decided to table it for the moment and do some research before moving forward.

During this process, we reflected on our overall goals. We wanted our application to appeal not only to children but to the adults with them. We thought the app should foster social engagement yet we didn’t want the application to be too distracting.

Anna looked over our list of concepts and provided feedback. We needed to refocus and consider what is actually possible for our timeframe. It was suggested that we start to examine the features we might want within our project. 
We started a new list on the whiteboard for this. Charlie, a Praxik developer, helped us narrow down what could be accomplishable, especially if we all worked hard on this. We didn’t realize how difficult AR could be, but it put us in the right mindset. 

During the week, a visual prototype was developed between Shreyas and Liam. It was well organized and visually interesting. To improve the appearance of the application, we decided to reach out to the Science Museum regarding 3D files. These files could give us a head start on the dinosaur shapes we could include in our app.

Even with July fourth during this week, we persisted in communication. We sent updates and slacked questions and comments. A group call was made where we discussed our status. We needed to communicate with the museum again and plan another visit. Week 5 took a lot of brain power, but we are excited to see what week 6 brings!