Week 6

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 2.04.10 PM.png

This week was mainly updating the prototype. As Shreyas was coding away, the rest of us were making changes to the prototype, such as differentiating the AR screens from the question screens and editing text boxes to be more cohesive. Since a majority of this work was not necessary to do in person, we were able to do a group slack call and collaboratively work on the updates together. You can see our updates above.

On Thursday the 12th of July, we met Mark in the museum to show some staff our current progress. We discussed our prototype and explained our reasonings using past research we had collected. The museum staff seemed to enjoy what we had come up with so far, but had some good suggestions that will change our prototype quite a bit. A few of Elias’s (the museum’s graphic designer) ideas and suggestions based on color scheme and layout will be quite helpful when we turn our application into something more professional.

Overall, having the museum’s feedback is invaluable, as they are the end client. Explaining their thought process in relation to our prototype helped us figure out how to turn their ideas into reality. With the museum’s past knowledge on their visitor patterns and habits, they were able to show us possible complications with our current app before we got too far into the project. This coming up week, we will continue to complete the prototype and hopefully integrate it with the code.