Week 7

This week was primarily spent understanding how to code, and getting a better grasp on what we could and couldn't do. There were some ideas that were fairly ambitious, and until we get more adept at coding, it will be a while before we can implement them effectively.

We had a good meeting with Anna this week, where she asked us questions about our prototype and our ideas for app flow. While we may have been confused about the questions at first, we slowly came around and began to see the importance of her questions and the importance of the right answers. We're thankful that we had the opportunity to get our ideas poked and prodded till they came out better than before. The best way to describe this meeting, would be that we understood the difference between UI and UX. User Interaction is theoretically great, but sometimes you have to step back and consider where the best point of intersection is with UX. UX always comes as a priority over UI when it comes to the execution phase.

The team also spent time searching for 3D models to implement within our AR app, and for methods to develop our own QR codes for our visitor app. These are part of the core of our two apps, so it's important that we find the right models!

Looking forward to next week!