Week 8

This week we interviewed Jonathan Lazar, a professor and HCI researcher, who gave us great ideas for research methods that we could use for when we test our app at the science museum. We also got to learn about trends in research and how there is a big data approach. As for our presentation, Jonathan suggested that we should present a problem and solutions along with showing our process. He gave us some advice about grad school as well and told us that we should be knowledge about the program that we are applying for and have an idea of what a typical applicant looks like.

We also got the opportunity to speak to John Golden at Crux Collaborative this week and learned a lot about the usability testing and the structure of reports from user testing. We presented our prototype and research methods to John for feedback. He had helpful suggestions for how we could improve the patterns and buttons for the instruction screen in our prototype. For user research methods, John mentioned that our survey was a bit too long and said that we could ask some of the questions from the survey during an interview with the users after they finish using our app. This way, the users won’t be bored with taking the survey and want to quit halfway through.  

For next week, half of the team will continue to code the iPad and iPhone app while the others will be working on the presentation. The team will be testing both of our apps in the upcoming week with the museum visitors, hopefully all goes well and we don’t encounter any problems with our app during testing.