Week 10

This week was the grand finale! With our Friday presentation in mind, we began working early in the week to meet our deadline. On Monday and Tuesday, we spent time adding and removing slides from our presentation to make sure that it fit within the maximum time of 30 minutes. We also spent time practicing our presentation with Anna to perfect each slide and what we would be speaking about. 

On Wednesday, Shreyas and Andrea went into the office to develop the iPad and iPhone application further, while everyone else refined the presentation from home. Additionally, Liam and Carson worked on exporting all 2D assets, icons, and buttons so that Shreyas and Andrea could implement them into each version. 

On Thursday we met with 3M to discuss some of the work they are doing in UX. We spoke with Ivan Maramis along with his UX healthcare team to discuss their work and process as researchers, interaction designers, prototypers, and developers.  Their research definitely helped open our eyes to some different roles and teams we could work in when pursuing UX as a career. That night, the development team finished the image recognition features of our mobile app and added final touches to our augmented reality app. The group also did one extra run-through of the presentation to fine-tune talking points.

Finally, the big day came around. In the morning, the entire team (Sandy, Carson, Liam, Andrea, Shreyas) went to the museum in the morning in order to launch the app on museum iPads and perform some informal user testing with the available staff. Surprisingly, once we had finished the final version of the app, we were extremely surprised by some of the constructive criticism we received. It opened our eyes to some other things we had yet to consider, since we spent time focusing on making sure our product worked. Regardless, all of the feedback was positive and it was great to see the staff's interest in the product and some visitors' excitement about augmented reality.

Later, we set up for our presentation and made sure we gathered everyone we had invited. The presentation went incredibly well, our prep on Tuesday and run-through the night before definitely helped us a lot. In hindsight, we missed the occasional bullet point, but we addressed the important timeline and experience. As a group, we were definitely proud of the way we handled the Q&A portion of the presentation, it was the highlight of the presentation for sure. Once all of this was over, we took our audience down to the paleo exhibit and demoed both applications. Shreyas and Andrea worked on some minor changes to the code based on the informal user testing in the morning, and these changes received positive feedback - indicating that our steps towards full implementation were in the right direction.

This experience has been a rush, and the culmination of the last 48 hours of this experience was definitely worth the time we spent brainstorming, designing, researching, and developing the app. Our connections with Praxik, new mentors, and each other will definitely be useful moving forward with UX.

Thank you to everyone who has been reading our team blogs and our personal blogs. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to talk about our experience in this internship.