For week 9 we spent most of our time quickly redesigning, organizing and testing. 

Our applications and user testing content both needed revising especially after the feedback we received from Johnathan Lazar and John Golden.

At the beginning of the week, we created a live document containing the names of the people we would like to invite to our final presentation. Although a small task, this list grew as our week went on. 

Throughout the week Liam and Carson made many changes to the prototypes including dinosaur graphics, application graphics, color schemes, and instructional messages. The new designs were consistent in color and style

Shreyas and Andrea worked in Xcode to make the design adjustments. Shreyas worked on getting the 3D models to show up in the iPad application. This was a challenge. At first, the dinosaurs were extremely oversized, but with some coordinate adjustments, they were brought down to a reasonable size. Luckily this was before our user testing on Thursday. At this point, the iPad app was functionally ready but not visually ready, whereas the iPhone app was visually ready, but not functionally ready.

Sandy worked diligently to prep us for our user testing. We needed consent forms, user data forms, and the online questionnaire.  

On Thursday all of us showed up to the museum ready to test the iPad application. We connected our laptops to the iPad and we started to get error warnings in Xcode. Xcode was asking for the laptop password, we typed it in, and then again, and again, and again, about 50 times. Our iPad app was not going to work. Bryan and Mark greeted us in the middle of the confusion we were having. We kept trying even as they stood there, but we just couldn’t get the app to run on the iPad. We were all really disappointed, but this was good as it could help us avoid this problem in the future.