Week 2

In week 2 we were given a set of four readings focused on learning how to define research questions, design research methodologies, conduct research ethically and responsibly and perform evaluations and tests on products. Additionally, we were given time to learn Adobe XD, one of the industry standard UX prototyping/wireframing tools. 

The readings have been useful in learning fundamentals of asking qualitative and quantitative questions that have a strict focus on the user. It is common sense that asking leading questions is not helpful when trying to learn about the user, although the act of creating exploratory and informational questions that prompt an organic answer is more challenging than it may seem. I'm happy that we have been presented with the opportunity to practice asking user-centered research questions.

Many of the questions that I created after going through the readings were exploratory, qualitative, and bigger picture. I am going to challenge myself to ask more questions that are informational and quantitative as they will provide greater precision in how we design our prototype.

We also spent time this week creating a timeline that we can use to stay on track for gathering research and designing our prototype. It is always hard for me not to jump right into the design process, but I know that by having patience we will be able to collect research that will significantly affect our design.