Week 4

On Sunday, June 24th, we visited the Science Museum of Minnesota to gather data and conduct observations on visitors. Our goal was to stay and observe as many families as possible for around 3 hours. Each person was able to choose a role for data collection. Carson and I took on the part of verbal and non-verbal social interaction, Sandy and Shreyas observed behavior types, and Andrea tracked how much time people spent in each zone.

The criteria for what we measured was the age of participants (kids age 18> and adults age 25<), the number of verbal and non-verbal interactions between each family member, personality type (ant, fish, grasshopper, and butterfly), and any notes that we found helpful, such as recording the typical path that each family took as they moved through the exhibit.

Aside from gathering data, my focus this week was to make my website publicly available online and to set myself up to be able to continue to produce natural refinements throughout the rest of the internship and after that. As a group we each tweaked our resumes and uploaded them to Dropbox so that we could give feedback on each other's resumes. Anna spoke with us about how to improve a CV/Resume which helped us provide feedback to each other. Here are a few of the things that she mentioned:

  • Update resume every six months!

  • Update LinkedIn at the same time!

  • Have a consistent structure and hierarchy

  • Most recent jobs to the top

  • Figure out your categories. What categories need to be filled?

  • Identify skill set categories for UX

  • Try to include a # in each job description, ex. Internship w/ 4 people, 20% acceptance rate (highly selective)

  • Include level of competition

Next Friday we will be getting an introduction to Swift, and I will be presenting our first prototype for our AR app! Anna also gave us the challenge to redesign the slider effect in Praxik’s InstantAR app. I look forward to jumping into Adobe XD and trying this out.