Week 6

After a great fourth of July, most people returned to Minneapolis late into the day on Thursday, July 5th. We ended up having a video call to discuss what needed improvements in our prototype and continued to determine the type of experience that was going to be most fitting for the SMM. Before ending the call, we discussed the roles that each of us would take on going forward into the second half of the internship program. We decided that I would take on the part of Interaction Designer, Carson would be the Visual Designer, Sandy would be the Researcher, Andrea would wear multiple hats focusing on development and Interaction Design, and Shreyas would be the lead developer. 

On Friday, July 6th, I presented my design ideas for the slider feature of InstantAR Pro which will soon release onto the iOS app store. It turns out that my ideas will be tested and possibly have the chance of being implemented into the first public version! As a team, we met with Ali Biro from LymanDoran to discuss career development and tips to make our LinkedIn stand out when being searched. 

Over the weekend, I made more progress on our prototype and prepared questions to ask Anna for our one-on-one meeting the following week.

On Thursday, July 11th we presented our prototype to the Science Museum of Minnesota and discussed our reasoning behind the features that we wanted to offer. Everyone on our team and the SMM team provided useful input which really made our conversation exciting. Afterward, we gathered more photos from the exhibit to determine where and how our app would interact with the existing paleo exhibit.