Week 7

A lot happened on Thursday and Friday of this week, so I will try my best to summarize all of the progress and learning that occurred. On Thursday, three of us had the opportunity of meeting with Anna to discuss personal growth as a UX designer and where we wanted to aim for the future. Anna was extremely attentive to the questions I was asking and also the way I was asking them. She was most helpful in talking through my goal of being accepted into the MHCID program. Based on Anna's questions and my answers to her questions she was able to help me more clearly define how I need to prepare myself for the program. I plan to gather 10-15 portfolios from students that have been accepted to the 2017 and 2018 programs. I also plan to find some other portfolios on Behance that stand out to me. From there, I will contact a few people from the program and ask for around 5 minutes of their time to ask questions about their experience of being accepted into the MHCID program and if they have recommendations for what I should include in my portfolio. Anna also stressed the importance of being direct with the questions that I ask while also considering the context of the question, whom I am speaking to, and being mindful of the time that each person has. 

On Thursday and Friday, our team decided to split the app into two unique, but related app experiences. One app targets families that do not have iPhones and do not have access to newer phones with AR capabilities. The other focuses on having 4-6 stationary iPad devices connected to gimbals that will be used to augment 4-6 dinosaurs within the exhibit. Regarding the iPhone app, the goal for the user is to have them find each custom 2D dinosaur image that corresponds to the 3D dinosaur models on the iPad displays spread throughout the exhibit.

Prefacing week 8, we discussed visual adjustments that could be made to help the user move through the app in a way that keeps them engaged and drawn into how to scan the images, rather than skipping through the instructions. We also worked on simplifying the buttons and what the user see's.