Week 5

This week landed on the 4th of July which made it a bit more difficult to schedule times to collaborate on our prototype. Everyone on our team now has a role to take on for the successful completion of our app. Andrea, Carson, and I are focusing on the design side of things. Andrea is also wearing multiple hats by learning how to use Swift. Shreyas will be doing the majority of the coding in Swift so he will be the go-to when trying to make our designs into a functional reality. Sandy is helping oversee the design process, using the research we gathered to guide our design concepts in the right direction, while also handling all communications with our client (the Science Museum of Minnesota). 

On Thursday, June 28th, we developed ideas for what direction our prototype could go. I’ve included an image below listing some of our thoughts. Before we could move forward with any of the ideas that we wrote down, we talked with Charlie, one of the developers at Praxik to discuss which approach was most feasible in the time that we have left. We ended up landing on the idea of a Custom QR Code in each zone that links to information or 3D AR models when scanned. 

On Monday, July 2nd, Carson and I met to wireframe our idea. We drew out six screens to display the flow and concept behind our concept. We also thought about how each user would interact with the display and where each QR code would position itself. I have been having quite a bit of fun diving into the design process and have found that I am learning a lot more just by doing. It is amazing how well some of my skills from architecture transfer over to UX. It has been nice working with Carson because he has such a visual eye while my architectural mind tends to think mainly about how one might move through and interact with something. All-in-all a productive week with the addition of a mid-week Independence day.