Week 2

The readings for Week 2 revolved around research methods and ethical concerns with conducting research. Most of the materials presented in the articles were familiar for me because of my psychology coursework and experience as an undergraduate research assistant at the U of M. However, there were some methods that I wasn’t familiar with. Some of which included cognitive walkthroughand heuristic evaluation. 

We have begun creating research questions to help us with the research process. What we have to do next is identify which research method we should use to obtain data that allows us to answer our research questions. Additionally, we created a timeline for the project. 

We have also started learning Adobe XD to later use for wireframing. I am new to using Adobe XD, but I am excited to gain more knowledge and experience with the program over the next few weeks. 

Week 1

Week 1 began and I got to meet the team along with learning what project we will be working on, which is creating an AR experience for the Paleo exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota. I am excited to see what we will create by the end of the summer. 

We have started reading articles to get a better background in Augmented Reality and how certain museums have incorporated AR into their exhibits. For the museum articles, each intern read two different articles to later share a brief summary and what we learned from the articles that could be applied to our project. From one of the museum articles, it was discovered that although 66% of people said they would download an AR app, only 20% had actually downloaded a museum app before. I also learned that it’s important to understand what museum visiting behavior visitors have to better provide an experience that is favorable. What myself and the rest of the team had learned about AR in museums will be an influential factor in determining what type of AR experience we will create as we dive deeper into the project in the following weeks.