Week 3

We started week 3 off with an interview with Jeff Johnson. The interview went well, Jeff provided us with great information that will help us during our research and design process. We must research before we can design. Before conducting research, it’s important to plan and establish goals. In terms of designing, it’s important to create conceptual models before designing because it saves time and efforts sketching. 

On June 18th, Andrea and I focused on the research questions for our upcoming visit to the Science Museum to conduct observations. We formulated an overarching research question and reduced our list of 15 observation questions to 3 questions. We also created the observation tables that will be used to collect data on museum visiting behavior and time spent in the six different areas of the Paleo exhibit. Liam, Shreyas, and Carson made edits to the timeline.

It is currently a bit difficult to decide or have a clear idea of how we want to incorporate AR into the Paleo exhibit because we haven’t conducted research yet. However, after our visit to the museum and analysis of the observation data, we will be able to progress further into the project and hopefully decide on an AR idea so we can start prototyping during the next week or so.