Week 4

We visited the Science Museum on Sunday to conduct observations. Each intern was given an observation task (visiting behavior, time, and social interaction) to collect data on. At first, we all collected data on the same family. However, after 4 families and around an hour and a half left at the museum, we decided to split as a group and collect data on different families. Overall, the visit went well. Once we analyze the data we collected from this visit, we can finally start the prototyping phase during week 5.

The reading assigned to us this week was chapter 3 of “The Design of Everyday Things”. It was about knowledge in both the world and the human mind. Understanding and knowing the types of memories people have is important when designing because memory can influence the way people behave. 

We got a chance to review each other’s resumes this week. This was helpful to not only get suggestions for improving my resume, but to also get ideas for what I can add to my resume to further strengthen it.