Week 6

We continued to work on the prototype this week to prepare for our meeting with the Science Museum. At our meeting, we presented our prototype and got their opinions and feedback. It was interesting to hear what they liked about our initial prototype and what they thought needed some adjustments. Since the Science Museum is our client, it’s important that we take their suggestions into consideration as we continue to make progress on the project.

I had my one-on-one meeting with Anna and had the opportunity to go over my CV for graduate school with her. She had great suggestions such as using jargon and removing unnecessary work experience because it doesn’t relate to the field I am planning to pursue. I also realized the many gaps I have in my CV that I will be working on filling during my 4-5 months before I began to apply for grad school. One gap that I am currently working on filling is building upon my honors and awards section. 

I went to Minnedemo this week and got the opportunity to see what products some tech startups are working on in Minnesota. Just to name a few, it was interesting to see the demos for the VR game, Squigl, ControlBright, and the Robot Rickshaw. Although all of these products related to technology, each product was for a different field whether it was for health, gaming, or music. It really shows that technology can impact different fields and that technology can have a role in various other industries that we may assume wouldn’t be relevant in.