Week 7

After our meeting with the science museum, we decided that we would have two apps, an iPhone app that contained a challenge component and an iPad app with AR.

This week, I focused on research, Carson and Liam worked on the prototype, and Shreyas and Andrea were coding to build the app. I worked on creating the informed consent forms, survey, and the testing procedure.

After I came up with a rough list of research questions, I presented my questions and what I was aiming to measure during testing to Anna for feedback. I quickly realized that I couldn’t create questions on my own because I wouldn’t be sure whether it was reliable and valid. Instead, I should be using questions and measures that are already developed and have been shown to have reliability and validity. I eventually decided to use SUS and desirability testing. Myself and the team chose words from the full list of the desirability test. I selected words that were chosen by two or more people to ensure that the selection of words used were objective.