Week 8

We got the chance to speak with Johnathon Lazar this week. We got to learn about trends in research, what to include in a presentation, and grad school. Some research methods that he suggested that we could use for our user testing was screen record or video. We also met with John Golden with this week. After going over the user testing plan with him, he suggested that I shorten my survey. He also suggested that we could screen record the visitors using the app to get data on time and errors.

We were unable to conducts user tests on Thursday as planned because of complications that occurred with the app. We decided to move our testing session to next Thursday and hopefully by then, we fix our problems with the app and no major ones arise. In the meantime, I will be redoing the survey and taking some questions out to not overwhelm and bore the visitors when they take the survey. I will move these questions to an interview. The next week will be a busy one with creating the final presentation, doing user testing, analyzing data, and presenting our presentation to Anna.