Week 5

Week 5 started with a visit to Best Buy Headquarters where we met with Fred Beecher. We got to speak to various UX professionals and learn about the work they do. We also gained insights and tips from Fred on creating a UX portfolio. This was helpful for me because I learned that UX researchers should generally have a portfolio to show that they know the process of the conducting research.

We analyzed our data from our museum visit and I created graphs from our data that we could use during our final presentation for the Science Museum. With this data, we can finally start prototyping this week. During our team meeting, we brainstormed ideas for our AR product. Although we had plenty of great ideas, we had to narrow down our list after taking our constraints, such as time, into consideration. I didn’t realize how long certain AR features can take to develop and code until getting feedback from the Praxik team. Some of our ideas weren’t feasible since we only have about 6 weeks left on this project, 3 of those weeks will be focused on our prototype and 1 week will be focused on testing. 

Some of the team members created the prototype this week. We have an initial prototype that will need refining during the next week before we can began the testing process. We generally all have roles now at this point to help ensure that we are successful in creating our prototype and are able to test it during our remaining weeks left.