Week 11

This whole internship has been a great experience. I was able to learn much more about user experience than I had in a classroom and got the opportunity to meet other UX professionals. Meeting other professionals made me realize that I should strongly consider creating a portfolio as a UX researcher to show potential employers that I know how to conduct research and to show my process of conducting research. The internship has also made me realize that I need to be multi-facet to be more desirable to future employers and to better communicate with developers and designers. I also realized what skills I need to strengthen along with gain. My experience has solidified my plan to pursue a career in UX. I enjoyed the research that I was conducting and liked having control on what research methods I wanted to use, this was unlike my experience in school. Moving forward, I am excited to grow as a researcher and start a career in UX. Thank you Anna, the Praxik team, the museum staff, UX professionals, and everyone else we met during this internship for all the help and advice!