Week 9

We conducted user testing with our iPad app on Thursday at the science. Before we began testing with the visitors, some of the museum staff used our app and we received inputs on how we could improve our app. 

During testing, we had visitors use our app for a maximum of 10 minutes before being briefly interviewed and given a survey about their experience with the app. Each of us got different roles during testing, I found families who were willing to test the app and administrated the surveys, Shreyas was the facilitator, Andrea took notes as families were using the app, Liam was the interviewer, and Carson took the notes from the interviews. For the most part, testing went well and we got useful feedback. 

As I begun to analyze the data from user testing, I didn’t notice anything too surprising or out of the ordinary. The feedback and results were to be expected. The museum visitors commented that we needed better instructions on how to use AR. But for the most part, the families enjoyed the AR app and all of them said that they would the technology again.