Week 2 - Diving In

This week we learnt a lot more about research methods and how to take the information we learnt from the museum to create the plan for our project. We also spent time learning Adobe XD, a UX application that utilizes wireframing to outline the application. I'm excited to do this, because this will be my first dive into using UX software!

From the readings this week, I was interested to learn just how much of the UX process can actually be regimented. Having some experience in the design process from my engineering background, it was interesting to see how much deeper this single step in the design process was. It was also exciting to see just how vast it was and the different applications of this new field of study. Conversely, I was shocked to learn that you don't need hundreds of users to determine the changes that need to be made in a product. In biomedical engineering, you need at least 50+ subjects before the statistical value of your research can be taken seriously. So this was something I didn't expect, or at least didn't understand at first.

This week the team also spent time creating a timeline and organizing research questions that could help shape our prototype when we go back to asking the museum staff questions. Hopefully, we may even be able to ask questions to some museum visitors!