Week 3

Wow! This week has really started to step it up - we are beginning the transition to the design process after learning everything we could about user research.

Over this past week, we learned a lot more about designing interfaces and the process we need to go through - conceptual models, research, storyboarding, etc. With conceptual models, we went over the ideas of simplicity, friction, and objects / operations relationships. After wrapping our heads around these ideas, we considered them in the scope of AR, where we have to consider environment design, interaction design, and emotion design. All of these design "aspects" influence the way we come up with our ideas and the response it receives from our users.

The team also spent some time taking this information and working on developing observation charts & research questions for the purpose to gathering user data at the museum. I, along with Liam and Carson, worked more on the timeline perspective & planning how we would approach the project and tackle it in a timely manner.

This next week, some of us are trying to tackle xCode & coding in Swift (while we also learn Adobe XD), so our technical skills are going to grow at a faster rate from here onwards. Thankfully, the other members of Praxik are incredibly nice. After a work social earlier today, we got to get more comfortable with the other members of the team.