Week 4

This week we spent time transitioning between user research & the development of our project. We also spent time doing a resume review & portfolio recap, part of the mentorship aspect of this summer internship. 

On Sunday (6/24) we spent time observing users to determine high-traffic locations, the style of interactions between families, and the general pattern of individuals. We recorded data including time spent in exhibits, verbal/nonverbal interactions, and how different people responded to various exhibit styles. Since we couldn't interview the users, this gave us the best information we could use to inform our decision making during conceptual modeling / brainstorming.

I specifically worked on observing visitors to determine their behavior styles:
Ant - observed closely and for a period of time
Butterfly - "hopped" between exhibits, spent little time
Grasshopper - only viewed that of interest
Fish - did not view at all
Of course, people exhibited multiple behavioral patterns, so I also took notes regarding any peculiar behaviors or patterns of interest that varied within this primary categories.

This upcoming week, I will be spending time learning Swift in XCode in order to participate on the coding process for our design ideas. Andrea and I are focusing on the coding aspects of the project, while Carson and Liam work specifically with Adobe XD. Of course, we are all interesting in learning as much as we can, so I will also be trying to work with Adobe XD in order to better understand a standard UX tool.

I'm really looking forward the transition to iterative design, and seeing how we translate our user observations into actionable concepts.