Week 5

This week I tackled Swift programming & storyboarding in Xcode. To take the tackling metaphor further, I'm a 130lb cross country runner, and to me, programming of any sort is like facing The Rock in person. Thankfully, with some experience with some programming languages before, it went by a bit smoother than I expected (aka only being hit by a Prius).

On the other side of things, the team created a general prototype (in Adobe XD) for what our project is going to look like. During our team meeting, we considered the thought that we had too much content and were trying to bite off more than we could chew. But in the same light, maybe we kept the general idea a little too simple. We also did have some road bumps in considering how to include content, because we are all novices when it comes to augmented reality. Also, there's a point when we have to work with what we're given and recognize our limits.

It's still exciting every week to tackle something that we're learning on the fly, instead of applying topics we might have learnt in school from the previous semester. Now that we're in the design phase, it definitely is more engaging. The best part, however, is that it requires a lot more teamwork - we can delegate all we want, but communication is critical to ensure that we get a prototype finished within every "group" parameter.

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