Week 7

Boy, this week went by Swiftly. That's the best pun I could come up with while being extremely saturated by the sheer amount of information I've tried to learn about Xcode, Swift, and iOS 11 this past week.

This week we've spent time focusing on building our prototype in order to perform testing at the Museum next week. We have two apps in mind, one that will be used by visitors and can be downloaded outside the museum, and a second app that is an AR experience integrated as part of the exhibit. Andrea & I are focused on the coding part, while Carson & Liam work on graphics & the QR codes we need for our apps. To be quite honest, we might be in over our heads, but it's been a valuable experience to put my head down and grind away at learning a new language.

At this point, we're able to use Swift well enough to implement some basic functionality & maneuverability, but implementing these ideas together is still a struggle. Hopefully, by the end of today, we'll have a functioning beta to take to the museum and test.