Week 8

This week we began thinking about how to conduct user and usability testing. We needed to get into this phase so that we could begin the iterative design process, and work on developing the user interface, not just the user experience.

We met with John Golden, a usability expert at Crux Collaborative. He gave us great criticism on our product prototype to improve the consistency of the interface, and how to create a "recursive" experience so that users intuitively know what to do when using certain features multiple times. He also gave us insight into Crux's methods for user testing, which helped us get a better idea of how to break down the testing process
 - vetting / consent
 - user experimentation
 - open-ended questions
 - post-testing questionsd
 - surveys
Furthermore, he gave us tips on how to take notes during the experimentation process in order to glean the most information from the testing period.

This week with the prototype, we also spent time working more closely with the designers in order to make sure the visual interface was the way they envisioned. After our meetings with various mentors and discussing the product itself, the team made changes to the interface. The development team also focused on ensuring that we understood every nook and cranny of the execution process - if we run into issues, we want to make sure we can fix them on-the-go without the help of our supervisors.

We are in the final stages, and we're both nervous and excited about moving forward with our final testing phase and presentations.