Week 1 - Uncharted Waters

In this first week, Anna introduced us to our team and some readings to help give us a jumpstart on AR and UX and how they could relate to our client: the Science Museum of Minnesota. I enjoy both subjects, and this first week opened my eyes a little more to their necessity in this tech-filled world.

We were provided with some readings for this first week, and earlier on Monday, we actually had our client meeting! Shockingly soon in my eyes, but we prepared well and it went beautifully, and I’m thankful for the time crunch as it ensured I absorbed as much information as I could. As a team, we had individualized readings to help familiarize ourselves with how AR applies to museums, and the theories behind UX research. We all collaborated to ask open-ended questions to the team we met, and had a productive meeting. The idea of AR guiding a user, rather than just being an informative experience, was new to me, and I found it quite exciting to have encountered a paradigm shift so soon in this internship.

Overall, this first week was a headfirst dive into uncharted waters, and Anna and the rest of the team made it a real pleasure. As a team I think we have a good dynamic with diverse backgrounds, and we’re going to come up with ideas that will make the Science Museum excited. Excited for Week 2!