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Our API uses patent pending technology to leverage the blockchain–the same technology that stands behind Bitcoin. This allows us to:

  • Verify the creation time & date of a digital document
  • Verify the location at which a photo or video was captured
  • Ensure the authenticity of any digital document



  • Use our team to rapidly and affordably prototype a customized white label app based on your inspection workflow needs.
  • Use our service to integrate TamperSecure into your apps. 



Ownership of shipping containers and truck chassis are frequently transferred at different locations such as ports or depots. Failure to provide a document that verifies the condition of the received container can result in thousands of dollars in unrecoverable losses. TamperSecure enables their customers to easily create these documents, store them securely, and verify their authenticity. 

PEIR mobile uses TamperSecure to guide inspectors to reliably and comprehensively documenting the condition of containers and chassis at the point of interchange. PEIR mobile integrates TamperSecure to establish a undisputable photographic record of the equipment along with a provable time and GPS stamp of when and where the inspection took place. PEIR mobile customers have quickly had a return on their investment by eliminating unrecoverable losses.



The same tools that allow Hollywood to create a visually believable superhero movie can be used to convincingly and untraceably alter an image or video. Although there is no harm in adding a moustache to your selfie, there are situations that demand authentic and unalterable visual documentation. The numerous photo contests that have been won by what later turned out to be fraudulent entries show that even professional photo editors can easily be fooled by doctored images.