Executive Team


Dr. Aaron Bryden is the Senior Vice President of Software Development and co-founder of Praxik, LLC. Prior to co-founding Praxik in 2014, Aaron co-founded AgSolver Inc, an agricultural analytics company focused on big data solutions for farmland owners. Aaron has been involved in the development of a number of visualization, interaction, and big data software projects including working as a developer on the VR Juggler team, leading development of visual analytics software to analyze sonar data, and the creator of multiple software packages that help structural biologists understand the 3D structure of proteins and how they move. As a part of this work Aaron developed a new technique for representing complex three-dimensional motions of protein structures in static images. He received his PhD in Computer Sciences from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2011.


Dr. Anna Prisacari is the VP of User Experience (UX) and Marketing. In this role, she closely works with clients to understand their problems and needs and with developers to ensure the clients' needs are transformed into practical and desired products. To do so, Anna connects ideas and research findings, conducts UX testing, and oversees the client satisfaction. She holds BA in International Business, Marketing, Political Science, and French and an MBA from St. Ambrose University; and MS and PhD degrees in Human Computer Interaction from Iowa State University. Anna is the recipient of numerous awards in communication, teaching, and service and is a passionate speaker, writer, and mentor on subjects such as UX, women in technology, and STEM.

Email: abryden@praxik.com

Email: anna@praxik.com


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